4 layers absorbent pad - SANIPLUS ABSOR

REF. 0935107

Reusable absorbent pad 4 layers PU breathable and absorbent + 2L / m2.

It is used in frequent care in those patients, with little mobility. It adjusts thanks to its wings tucking them under the mattress, in this way it remains fixed avoiding wrinkles. The purpose is to protect the bed from moisture and stains, in bedridden patients without mobility, in people with urinary incontinence, during care, changes of clothing and / or cures.


Reusable over + 200 washes

The soaker, as 1 th layer meets the required standards of compatibility, irritability and dermal absorption. Thanks to its filter and hydrophilic constitution, its ultra thin layers do not wrinkle and no shrinkage, favoring absorption comfort and hygiene for bedridden people. Provides facilities for carers, being easy to use.

The soaker is very reusable, this makes it very economical and ecological. It can be reused + 200 times depending on the aggressive way of the washes. Study carried out at 60º, we recommend not using bleach and reduced temperature

Composition and Certificates

1 º tissue layer 100% polyester microfiber super soft and comfortable, durable rapid filtration of liquids.

2º 100% polyester fiber layer that absorbs + 2L / m2.

3 º polyurethane coating, waterproof, breathable, PU acts mite barrier.

4 º 100% polyester fabric washable PU adhered to.


90 º

Machine wash at 90º

Not dry clean

Dryer at reduced 60º

no bleach

Do not iron